Senior Designer + Art Direction + Environmental Design + Events + Experience/Lifestyle Branding

I'm a designer by day. I rarely update my portfolio. I work at Butchershop Creative SF. Check it out here. I'm also a portrait painter. Have a great day.

KHOR Meaning


Shawheen translation: Falcon ]
shaw • heen  

Khorshidian  [ translation: from Sunlight ]
KHOR •  sheed • yan

At the 'core' of every problem lies its solution. The core of any system is the heart, the essence, the balance between positive and negative charge.

My name is Shawheen Khorshidian, I work to solve the essence of a problem to best represent its visual truth. I sometimes speak unnecessarily deep. I can be very light hearted as well. How are you today?


Art Direction  + Entertainment + Identity


Academy of Art University, SF
BFA School of Graphic Design


Adobe Creative Suite / DSLR camera / Cinema4D / Brand Identiy / Interior Graphics Design  / Realistic Oil Portrait painting / Web Design / Fashion Graphics Design / Wayfinding signage / Brand Guidelines / Content Creation / Walkin' the Walk


SENIOR DESIGNER _ Butchershop Creative™
2014–present | San Francisco, California
Art Direction / Brand identity / Web design / Interior Design
see for more info

LEAD DESIGNER _ Bok Modern™ Architecture + Interior 
2014 May–November | San Francisco, California
see for more info

2010–present | San Francisco, California
Musician brand identity design / web design / album artwork / event and studio photography / stage direction & displays / costume styling / press releases / event coordination / creative direction
Visit for full branding

Slanted Light _ DESIGNER
2014 | San Francisco, California
Nike football campaign / Presentation Branding

Muse Brands™ _ DESIGNER
2014 May–November | San Francisco, California
see for more info

F.O.R California River Awards _ DESIGNER
2014 | San Francisco, California

Levi’s ® Corporate_ BRAND PRESENTATION
2010–2013 | San Francisco, California
Design and production of in-store display art / mens & womens styling / clientel preservation / mannequin styling / handwritten promo signage / indoor + outdoor environmental display / retal product merchandising / 

2009 | San Francisco, California
Web and blog maintenance / press releases / display composition / securing art / indoor environmental lighting / fine art archiving



Crocker Art Museum
2008 | Sacramento

Roseville civic center
2008 | Sacramento

20th Street Gallery
2007 | Sacramento

Barton Gallery
2007 | Sacramento

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